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September 29, 2021

2021 League Contract Information


From the outset of bargaining, our 350-member elected negotiating committee told the League that as heroes battling COVID, the settlement had to recognize our extraordinary contributions by: securing our benefits, putting real cash in our hands right away, ensuring reasonable raises each year, maintaining our no-layoff job security, and adding Juneteenth as a new legal holiday.


Our Health, Pension, Education, and Child Care benefits are maintained:

The League agreed to pay the full costs of maintaining our benefits for the life of the contract, and guaranteed that there would be no copays, co-premiums, deductibles or coinsurance for our coverage. In addition, our pension, childcare and education benefits are fully maintained.

Our Wages Improved:

We won real cash up front to recognize our COVID service and also fair wage increases each year of our contract:

1st year
$3,000 bonus (pro-rated for part timers)
plus 2% wage increase
2nd year3% wage increase
3rd year3% wage increase

See examples of real cash-in-hand in the 1st year (wage increase + bonus) below:

League average ($64,000)$4,280 (6.7% of salary)
League minimum ($41,000)$3,820 (9.3% of salary)
Registered Nurses ($88,000)$4,760 (5.4% of salary)

We won the right to arbitrate Recognition/Hazard Pay for future health care emergencies.

Juneteenth Holiday:

Juneteenth is added as a new legal holiday.

Our Job Security is Maintained:

We maintain our no-layoff guarantee for members with 10 years bargaining unit seniority.

Pro/Techs Improvements:

Expanded ability to seek mid-term wage adjustments based on market or licensing/education/certification changes and to arbitrate unresolved disputes; won third educational paid day for members who present papers and expanded paid preceptorships.

Registered Nurse Improvements:

Won the right to seek mid-term wage adjustments for advanced practice nurses, protections against modified schedules and floating when agency nurses are on our units and a Professional Practice Committee process to discuss and document lessons learned from COVID.


Q: Was there any change to my health or pension benefits?
A: No, there were no changes made to our health or pension benefits. We still have our stellar 1199 healthcare coverage, with no co-pays, no deductibles, co-insurance or premiums.

Q: Does the tentative agreement include wage increases?
Yes, we made it clear that we would not agree to any contract that didn’t include yearly wage increases.

10/1/21:2% wage increase
plus a $3,000 bonus (pro-rated for part-timers)
10/1/22: 3% wage increase
10/2/23: 3% wage increase

Q: Why didn’t we get the 7% we initially proposed?
Negotiations are a give and take with multiple economic demands that come out of the same financial pot of money. After weeks of stating that the cost of securing our benefits left wage increases in doubt, the League finally heeded the constant testimony from our negotiating committee that compensation for healthcare heroes must be a priority and put a last, best, final offer on the table that addressed members’ key priorities. In fact when you add up the $3000 bonus, the 2% wage increase and the additional cost the employers will pay to maintain our health benefits, the employers will actually be spending about 7% in the first year for our wages and benefits.

The wage increases we ultimately secured are part of an overall employer-paid package that secures our benefits, provides an additional paid legal holiday and the ability to negotiate rate adjustments and hazard/recognition pay for future public health emergences: the best package in town.

Q: What percentage of the membership must vote in favor of the contract in order for it to be ratified?
: A majority of those members voting in all League facilities must vote for the contract in order for it to be considered ratified.

Q: How long will members have to ratify the vote?
Voting will take place for one week, Thursday, 9/30 to Thursday 10/7. Your delegate or organizer will be in touch with specifics about voting at your respective institutions.

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