We're the heroes in this fight. Now it's time to do what's right!

About Us

Respect Healthcare Heroes!

Together, we can ensure that healthcare heroes receive the resources and recognition we deserve!

The COVID-19 pandemic brought America to its knees. Lives were cut short, families fractured, and millions suffered as the poorly-managed national response led to a crumbling economy.

Through it all, healthcare workers kept it together.

Day in and day out, we sacrificed so much to care for our patients and residents, going above and beyond because our care, our leadership, and our expertise were critical to guiding our communities and our nation through this crisis. Our communities could not have been more supportive: applauding healthcare workers as we came off the clock, buying meals for those not able to go home, and helping our families when our work kept us from home.

Yet meals don’t make up for the fear of contracting the virus because of a lack of access to personal protective equipment, and applause can’t help fill the gaps in our household budgets when crisis pay is denied. We have put our lives on the line every day of the last year and a half.

Today we are facing new obstacles; short staffing like we have never seen before at all of our institutions, and now, an uptick in the number of COVID cases. As healthcare heroes we will once again courageously take on these challenges. It’s time for our League employers to step up and agree to fair pay and health benefits, a dignified retirement, and the safe working conditions we deserve, so that we can continue to provide the quality care that our patients deserve.