We're the heroes in this fight. Now it's time to do what's right!

August 12, 2021

Aug. 11th League Bargaining Bulletin

During this week’s session, the League failed to respond to the majority of our proposals. From wages, to hiring, to benefits for offsites, to making Juneteenth a paid holiday for members—they were unwilling to do right by our healthcare heroes. We aren’t standing for it!

And, in yet another insulting effort to weaken our 1199 power, they proposed that League nursing home workers no longer bargain with the rest of the League family! We are one union, we are strong, and we will not be divided! We will not allow them to balance their budgets on the backs of any 1199er, in any job, or at any of our workplaces!

If it wasn’t clear before this session, it’s crystal clear now—the League is dragging its feet on this contract. They’re stalling and wasting our time—time that could have been spent providing patient care.

We bargain this contract every three years, but this time is different. We are in unprecedented times, and we can’t take our time! Just when we thought the COVID crisis was over, the Delta variant is staring us down, and we are more short-staffed than ever! Healthcare workers and our patients don’t have the luxury of dragging our feet like League management does.

Negotiating member after negotiating member expressed their anger and frustration and talked about the importance of every one of us organizing for our August 26th informational pickets. We know that we can show them better than we can tell them!

It all boils down to something we’ve heard President Gresham say time and time again: We don’t want to strike, but we will if we have to. The League needs to stop wasting our time and come back with something real. They need to respect us and show us they value us by agreeing to the contract we deserve. And they need to do it now.


After all the hoopla during the main session about the scheduled pro/tech subcommittee meeting our professional/technical members were met with more of the same stalling and unpreparedness by the League.

In our one-hour session, we answered questions that could have been asked at either one of the previous three sessions. They received our bargaining demands on 7/14 and they have yet to respond!

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