We're the heroes in this fight. Now it's time to do what's right!

August 5, 2021

Aug. 4th League Bargaining Bulletin

The League was supposed to respond to our proposals. Instead, they presented a group of fancy charts, that they claimed were the “facts.” Their version of facts didn’t consider the critical work we do and that we are the reason our institutions are known as the best in the country. There was no consideration for providing quality care for our patients and community. Which leads us to ask, “what are your priorities?”

Their priorities became clear when they presented six proposals that did not address our concerns at all. They want to use more agency and per diem workers. They proposed that members who are on involuntary leave return to another position. They also proposed an escape clause that would release them from their financial responsibility. That’s insulting! They did not disguise their attempt to replace us and weaken our union very well. Plus, we know the agency and per diem workers are not in the best interest of quality care, and that the League has to pay what it’s gotta pay. PERIOD.

It’s clear that they have no interest in “taking care of home.” We’ve been the ones on the front lines of the pandemic. We’ve been the ones literally risking our lives.

Their casual attitude at negotiations means that we are going to have to send them a message now that they can’t play with our lives, and the lives of our patients and all our families.

Did they forget what we—the heroes—have endured? Are they ignoring how serious these negotiations are? We are not playing. Our livelihoods are on the line. Quality care is on the line.

We’ll be voting in all of our institutions this week or early next week about holding informational pickets on August 23. When we raise our voices together on the picket lines, the League will hear us loud and clear.


During our RN session, management failed to respond to the RN proposals we presented on July 14, 2021. Instead, they said that our institutions are unable to fund our proposals to the level that we expect.

They also said there was no need to bargain about stang since there is now legislation that stipulates certain terms and conditions. Our esteemed Executive Council member, Barbara Jean Moody, informed management that they must “do right by the Nurses because you can’t afford NOT to…respond to us, respect us and be ready to negotiate with us.”

Let’s mobilize and stand united during our informational picketing!!

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