We're the heroes in this fight. Now it's time to do what's right!

RN, WMC/Good Samaritan Hospital

Jane Gerenscer

“In my 30 years as a nurse, I have never experienced anything close to the COVID pandemic. You must understand that I am not only talking about the caseload volume. The level of patient acuity was severe and dramatic. In the beginning we knew very little about the virus – as nurses we did everything possible to keep our patients alive, and comfortable. Everyone is aware that there was a nurse shortage before the pandemic. As nurses got burned out or sick, the problem got worse. At my hospital, the employer refused to provide hazard pay, despite our pleas and even support from the community. Everyone seems to have recognized our value, except the hospital administration. Here are two crucial points – if you don’t pay nurses what they deserve, and show them in real terms that they are valued, nurses are going to continue to leave the hospital and the industry. And this – health benefits are a core part of our compensation. The thought of any RN – or any direct caregiver – having to worry about their own health benefits is absurd. It’s time to come to the negotiating table and get real. There is no excuse for not funding the contract of those who keep our hospitals running, and who always have the best interests of our patients and community at heart.”