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July 21, 2021

July 21st League Bargaining Bulletin

During our second session, the League presented its “state of health care” report and outlined the “dismal” financial situation the industry is facing. Instead of taking any responsibility as healthcare providers, they blamed New York State, insurance companies, the IRS, and even other unions for “unmet” promises. That’s their excuse for not being able to fund the contract we all know we deserve!

They noted that their health care and pension contributions are well over what would be considered “normal” throughout the nation. WRONG. We have the best health and pension benefits because we have earned them; they are a core part of our compensation. Employers have to pay what they cost—PERIOD.

And guess what? We live in New York, the epicenter of the COVID pandemic—and we pushed through our fears to save lives. There’s nothing “normal” about what we experienced. We went above and beyond because conditions were as far from normal as they could get.

The League also made a misguided statement about precepting, claiming that more seasoned workers show new workers “where to find the cafeteria and bathroom.” That comment alone made it clear that League employers don’t know what precepting means and how disconnected they are from what we do. In real life, preceptors train new staff and ensure they understand exactly what’s needed to provide exceptional care. Since hospitals get paid by colleges and universities to provide this training, we want to know why they aren’t passing that funding on to the people who actually do the precepting work?

At this point we see their M.O. They’re blaming everyone else for their unwillingness to negotiate in good faith and insulting us every step of the way. There’s nothing “normal” or basic about the care we provide or the sacrifices we make to help keep our facilities up and running. 

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