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1199SEIU Workers

Our Stories

Lifting up the stories of Healthcare Heroes is essential to securing good wages, safe working conditions, affordable, comprehensive health benefits, and a dignified retirement.

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Marie Alvarez

“This was the worst year of my life, but you must know that it is not over, that COVID patients are still coming into the ER.”
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Tyreese Byers

“You’re not by yourself. It’s you and another person.”
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Nikosa Collins

“There were not enough of us to look at the tests and get results to people in the time frame they needed.”
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George Davila

“My colleagues got sick, they were hospitalized, some died. Some are still sick.”
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Jane Gerenscer

“Everyone seems to have recognized our value, except the hospital administration.”
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Christopher Rogers

“As sick as they were, they couldn’t see their family members. We were their family.”
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Jim Wendt

“I’m confident that if we keep raising our voices together they will hear us loud and clear and we’ll get the contract we all deserve.”
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Theresa Gatling

“I’m ready to speak out, and do what’s needed to make sure we all get the contract we deserve.”
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Jean Roper

“A revolving door of caregivers, who the residents don’t know, ignores how important continuity of care is.”
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Gina Torres

“When there are not enough staff, who suffers? First and foremost the patients, of course, and it’s not fair to them.”
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Joanna Ocasio-Janvier

“If you are going to call us heroes, then treat us like heroes and give us the contract we deserve.”
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Barbara Moody

“We have been working tirelessly to provide safe, quality care to our patients and we are exhausted, still we continue on.”
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Collette Seegars

“People are burned out. And without fair wages and our health benefits, no one is going to do this important work anymore.”
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