We're the heroes in this fight. Now it's time to do what's right!

LIJ/Northwell, Business Office

Theresa Gatling

Everyone of us, my co-workers in the business office, the nurse assistants, the techs in the lab, the cooks and the housekeepers, we are all the heroes who keep the hospital running. We make the hospital look good, we are the reason our institutions get high ratings, and patients choose to come here. It’s maddening that after all we do, in negotiations today the League showed us a bunch of fancy charts that were supposed to explain why they can’t fund our contract. They didn’t respond to our proposals, they showed us charts. It felt empty to me. They didn’t address our reality as healthcare workers. They didn’t address quality patient care. And they were so casual about it! But this isn’t a casual situation. I’m ready to speak out, and do what’s needed to make sure we all get the contract we deserve.